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BergHOFF - Branded kitchenware


Since its founding, the BergHOFF Company provides fancy and functional products, which guarantee entertainment, performance, safety, and healthy cooking. Customers' health and safety are close to our heart. We believe in a safe and healthy lifestyle, and show it to our customers through our products.


Eleven years after the start, the BergHOFF Company has acquired a stable and strong brand. We are not only a distributor of kitchenware in Russia, but also one of the market leaders and most competent international manufacturers of products and services in the domestic industry, for personal use as well as for professional kitchen environment.


The BergHOFF Company puts quality on a high pedestal, as we always did and will do. In an even more fast-producing company, we at the BergHOFF Company, believe in the values and traditions of our products. All our products, piece by piece, carry a piece of the heart and soul of all the people involved in the process of design and production.


Contact: 02/63 81 30 74

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